The Dance of Light & Shadow – Info

Art has a wonderful ability to touch your heart through its many forms. I chose drawing, photography and writing as my personal forms of expression.

Danse de la lumière is an assortment of my photographs – those that remind me of home, countryside and those that make me think beyond the moment they were taken.

One of my favorite habits is to keep a writing pad in the pocket of my jacket and scribble little sketches on the pages of it – I especially like to write about countryside sceneries. Sometime, I don’t know exactly when, I was introduced to my grandfather’s rangefinder camera. Because I have always been an emotional person, I concocted my scribbles and photographs; it was inevitable, you know? And for all those lovers of miscellanea, I have to oblige – I’m a tea drinker with a love for art, books and sablés bretons.

With best wishes,