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A Sense of Belonging

Lea Šambar, Bohinj
Lea Šambar, Bohinj

There are plenty of reasons for keeping a notebook somewhere nearby or for taking it with me if I’m going somewhere. Sometimes it’s about jotting down thoughts without being judgemental, other times I’m putting pen to paper to write about a landscape that borders on the cliché. But I’d never let a notebook dictate the quality of my thoughts. I’ve been in love with Alpine landscapes from the first moment I saw black and white photographs that my grandfather took with his rangefinder camera. Things have changed over the course of years, of course, but there’s something spellbinding about the greenery. Perhaps it’s the mild climate that feels so good on the skin. Maybe the magic is in the leaves already telling the story of the fall as I feel the warmth in my heart. These are the kind of things that I like to write about. A sense of belonging that places evoke. It’s something I share in a symbolic meaning with my close ones. There’s a connection on a deeper level that makes it so special to me.

Sacred Place for Art Lovers

Ivan Vavpotič, Alma Urbanc – This is a beautiful portrait of a woman – she looks like she is thinking about something and I like how the texture of the materials looks.

Art galleries or artist’s supply stores are some kind of sacred places for art lovers. If you’re in an art shop, there are isles of brushes with beautiful bristles and handles that feel like like you’re holding something precious in your hands; there are hundreds of paint tubes for different kinds of painting methods, such as watercolor, oil painting or if you’re into acrylic painting. But oil paintings have a special place in my heart, because there’s just something so out of this world about their texture and color. The artist took her / his time to think about details and to build the painting upon its foundation. I included some of my favorite paintings from the National Gallery.

Ivan Grohar, The Larch – here the artist painted the calming closeness of a larch standing against the background of a hilly landscape.
Ivana Kobilca, Woman Drinking Coffee – Another gem from Kobilca, I would not be able to resist a cup of coffee with this lady.
Painting 4 – Elda Piščanec, Roses – Beautiful roses in soothing tones to console the soul.

Pencil Case Essentials

Having a pencil case is essential if you’re a student, someone who enjoys being creative or just in case for everyday occasions. But it doesn’t have to be particularly fancy. I put together a list of pencil case items that I consider to be essential and use daily. These products can be interchanged, although there are staples. I’d start with one pencil case. The more battered the better. It looks like I’m using it instead of only looking at it. It doesn’t matter if it’s ten years old, it’s in my tool box for a reason. Colored pencils vary from brand to brand for different technical skills – I store mine in a pencil roll, but I’ve had them in their original case as well. Graphite pencils for writing, drawing and sketching. Again, there’s a sea of pencils, but the most important thing about a pencil is its graphite core. A dust-free eraser or kneaded eraser for drawing and a good sharpener. Biro pens for making notes. Highlighter markers and black markers of medium size to sketch ideas. And that’s it. A pencil case filled with essentials to learn one’s craft.